Bridal Fashion Catalog

I adore the lighting concept I used for this photo session however I felt it needed a pop of color so I added blues and lens flare effect. Hope you love it and feel inspired like I do. Can’t wait for the next bridal session. My imagination is flying with more concepts. Feel free to…

Vietnamese & American Bridal Couture

Many brides come to my photography studio (located in the historical district of Philadelphia, PA) for Bridal Couture Photo-session before they sell their wedding gowns.  What better way to part their ways and still make a pretty return on their investment.  Hands down I would do the same thing; brilliant move ladies!  

Fashion Bridal Couture

Fashion Bridal Couture photographed Internationally and at my headquarters located in the historical district of Philadelphia-  Church Street Studios, 122 Church Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106.

Philadelphia Bridal Couture

Here are some sneak peaks from my most recent Bridal Couture Photo-shoot. More to follow. Makeup by Nicholas Townsend Hair By Alison Sileo