Shayna’s Model Headshot

Shayna searched google for ‘Female Photographer in Philadelphia’ and stumbled on my portfolio.  She said out of all the photographers she spoke to she liked me the most.  She was also impressed with how easy I was to work with and loved my studio.  I can’t wait to touch base with here again… perhaps in…

Bridal Fashion Catalog

I adore the lighting concept I used for this photo session however I felt it needed a pop of color so I added blues and lens flare effect. Hope you love it and feel inspired like I do. Can’t wait for the next bridal session. My imagination is flying with more concepts. Feel free to…

Vietnamese & American Bridal Couture

Many brides come to my photography studio (located in the historical district of Philadelphia, PA) for Bridal Couture Photo-session before they sell their wedding gowns.  What better way to part their ways and still make a pretty return on their investment.  Hands down I would do the same thing; brilliant move ladies!  

Fashion Bridal Couture

Fashion Bridal Couture photographed Internationally and at my headquarters located in the historical district of Philadelphia-  Church Street Studios, 122 Church Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106.