Promo for Singer/Actor Daphney Daffodil

Daphney Daffodil has an amazing singing voice and very expressive actress as well. Keep a look out for her profile to be posted on & PhillyFaces.comdirectories ! Advertisements

Bridal Fashion Catalog

I adore the lighting concept I used for this photo session however I felt it needed a pop of color so I added blues and lens flare effect. Hope you love it and feel inspired like I do. Can’t wait for the next bridal session. My imagination is flying with more concepts. Feel free to…

Kevan’s Portrait for Social Media Marketing

I always strive to create imperative, well-crafted images that have meaning and purpose. Photos that don’t just illustrate but also express. As a professional photographer my role is to communicate my client’s message. In our world of expanding social media and increasing on-line presence, content is everything. The first thing people view and look at…

Philadelphia Bridal Couture

Here are some sneak peaks from my most recent Bridal Couture Photo-shoot. More to follow. Makeup by Nicholas Townsend Hair By Alison Sileo    

Old Man with Flowers

Written by:  Thomas W. Shapcott Four years ago he fenced this allotment, his fingers were wire. Now, from the window he makes jokes about the neighbors, and looks away from his body it is past mentioning. The sinews of his inheritance, and the white paddocks that he claimed and cultivated, opening them like flowers unter the…